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         Christian help for: those with mental illness or mental/psychological problems, mental disorders, eating disorders and addictions such as: anorexia, bulimia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, bipolar disorder, nervous breakdown, obsessive thoughts. Also those suffering from demonisation, the demonised or demon possessed and those who are afflicted or influenced in mind by evil spirits or evil thoughts.




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Mental Problems & Christians


It can be very important to get a spread of opinion about the causes of a person's mental problems. It is conceivable for either medical professionals or wise Christians to make mistakes in diagnosis in an area that can be difficult to comprehensively understand. It is sometimes the case that people feel misdiagnosed or misunderstood by medical professionals or Christian helpers. Knowledge and understanding of many mental conditions is not universal. It is therefore often good to get several opinions and also to do some personal research. It can take some significant time to first properly diagnose a condition and then to find an effective treatment for them.

Those who suffer need Christian support and acceptance. They also need to continue to value their own personal faith in God, as a source of genuine strength, comfort and hope. Mental disorders and spiritual disturbances are some of the most misunderstood problems a Christian - indeed anyone - can face. Sufferers can be misunderstood, considered spiritually deficient, judged and even mocked. Christian rejection is the last thing a person needs when faced with tough mental and emotional challenges. The ongoing development of effective drugs and psychotherapy treatments should also bring help to many suffering mental conditions. Sufferers should find support where they can and consider carefully who they confide in.


Christians and Demonic Mental Influence

A fair number of Christians make the assumption that if you are troubled in the mind, you are most likely troubled by the Devil and his spiritual attacks. Others will automatically view mental problems as psychological, requiring qualified medical help. A third group of thought considers that mental problems and bizarre behaviours may be caused by clinical disorders or demonic influence, or in some cases by both of these factors at the same time. Looking at the Bible, it is clear that demons interfere with peoples’ lives, and can cause psychological harm (check any of the Gospels in the Bible if you need confirmation!). What is less clear is whether Christians as much as anyone else can also be harmed in this way.

Merrill Unger in, “What Demons can do to Saints” (Moody Press, 1991, first published 1977), discusses this question of Christians and demonic influence on the human mind. Unger argues that Christians can have their mental state negatively influenced by demons and sometimes this can be to a significant extent. However, surely the Devil cannot force any of us to do anything that we do not want to do. Unger argues that mental problems can be caused both by medical conditions and by demonic activity. Furthermore, the two might be present together, with the Devil exploiting a bad situation in order to make it worse.

Surely caution and wisdom are needed in equal measure for those who are troubled in mind. It is probably wise to get the opinions of both medical professionals, but also to consult experienced Christians. Those Christian supporters would preferably be those who are open to the concept that Christians can be affected in mind - or to varying extents “demonised” (but not totally controlled, or “possessed”), by evil entities.




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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

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[BOOK: Merrill Unger, “What Demons can do to Saints”, Moody Press, 1991 (first published 1977).]


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