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          How ever you feel, and whatever the problem, you are not isolated...

Get Prayer...     If you need prayer support please click on this link to register on our forum site:

Then place a posting on the “Prayer Requests” forum. If you are new to forums, click on the link on the top of the home page which says “FAQ”. If you want confidential prayer, you can login and post the request in the forum “Confidential Prayer Requests”, or you can even PM me or send me an e-mail from the website for complete confidentiality.


We sometimes personally reply to requests, with our prayer in the reply. We also may make personal comment, but this is always intended for encouragement and will follow our Christian beliefs. Please read our Legal Statement, and always seek trustworthy Christian counsel and other professional advice.





Sending: a Response, Testimony, Article or Prayer Request

         Just e-mail us by clicking here. Please also send us comments and feedback about the site. Also tell us about any broken links, any link suggestions, or about any links that you consider to be inappropriate for the site.

          Please read our Legal Disclaimer, which carries more information about submitted pieces and contact with us; click here. No attachments will be accepted - please send plain text within the e-mail. The e-mail is We uphold our need to edit any submitted piece, for reasons of space. Also we may choose to add our own comments to anything submitted, which we will label, or will be marked in a different font or text colour.




Christian Links

E-mail us with your Christian site, or relevant non-Christian site, and we will strongly consider linking to you. Please see the relevant sections on the side bar to the left for specific links.


UK Public Standards Issues - new 09/06, a sister site from us.


Prayer Websites - forum based website with prayer request section. - the “prayernet” section. - prayer for pain, illness and encouragement.


Sites Similar to us: - very good site with detailed Biblical encouragement for specific life issues and about different Christian topics. - comprehensive information and services, some of which is charged for. Very good links page under “Site Map”. - Christian Recovery Resources Database, listing 2,000 Local Christian Support Groups. Organisations, Programs, Group Meetings and Counsellors in the US & Canada and outside of North America. - lots of testimonies about different issues. - about pain and illness. - therapeutic and innovative site with reflections, chat and resources. - helping those hurt, abused and hopeless. - see their “Emotional healing and freedom” section. - hope and encouragement based on scripture. - Internet Outreach Ministry, lots of chat rooms about specific topics - e.g. abuse.

Similar sites, specifically for Pastors: - specifically aimed at pastors. - similar to above. - similar to above, including bullying of pastors and an e-mail group.


Christian Super Sites and Link Sites

UK - UK Christian search engine. (Church Directory), (The Internet Christian Library - Christian links, teaching and leadership resources).,,


US/ World

Link Sites.....,

Super Sites....     (Multiple Resources, News and Links) -




Christian encouragement healing

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