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In the case of rape and sexual abuse there is a prevailing sense that a body has been violated, grossly mistreated. The trauma of one or more incidents of attack or abuse can be very significant. Many sufferers will have to fight this trauma at regular intervals. They might worry about trusting members of the opposite sex. On top of day-to-day effects such as this, there is the sense of fear, pain, and possibly shame, which accompanies the abuse. In the case of rape, many victims know their attacker. Perhaps you were with your boyfriend and he pushed things along too far - and just took control, leaving you powerless. It is generally known that it is very important to go straight to the police in the case of rape and, hard as it is, to be available to doctors for medical examination and the collection of evidence.

However, after such a terrible trauma, it is often hard for victims to make an immediate response to what has happened. Many keep silent about their suffering, both in the immediate and in the longer term. Things can get complicated if you know your attacker as pressing legal charges may cause other problems (such as the different pressures caused when third parties, known by both you and the abuser, find out about what has happened). And then, there is the challenge of going to court.


The Spirit Stitching a Torn Soul


Although rape is an assault on your body, it also affects your entire being. It is, as such, a spiritual issue. We would point victims to other areas of this site that may provide encouragement about receiving healing from God. Any of us who have been through deep trauma of any sort need God's healing presence and close friendship to help us through our troubles. Eventually, we do recover, but we need Him to help to heal the wounds inside. Inner healing prayer is a ministry which focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit to heal our past hurts and traumas. It can be combined with counselling to help a rape victim.

Prayer enables the power of God to come into the situation to heal the wounds of the sufferer. The Holy Spirit can mend the wounded soul. Trust in the Spirit and be open to God - seek Him. The Spirit can touch you with healing, to undo bad touch that you have felt at the time of trauma (the abuse). He can carefully, gradually, stitch back together torn souls. Broken hearts can be gradually and wonderfully restored. God can do these things - He is God and all powerful. Psalm 34:18 says, "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit". It could be that your church has no form of counselling or prayer ministry available. If this is the case, then we encourage you to seek God yourself. He will be faithful to you and come to help you. However, you must try to find some form of Christian support (as well as perhaps formal Christian counselling, if this seems right). You may even consider visiting another church - if you can find one which values and practises inner healing ministry.




Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can emotionally damage people for their whole lives. To those who have experienced such darkness, God can bring healing and hope. The damage does not have to remain and ruin your whole life. It is often the case that children are abused by someone known to them, particularly by family members. Unsurprisingly, it is often very hard to forgive someone who you know so well who has harmed you so seriously.

It is very important to forgive abusers and to persevere in being forgiving. Forgiveness is usually an ongoing process, as victims often have to combat anger and painful memories that can regularly come back to haunt them. Victims should invite God into their feelings, so that they can move forward in healing and hope. He alone can come into the pain and sense of emptiness that so often resides in those who have been abused.

After such a betrayal, it can be hard to trust those who are close to us. Perhaps in the case of a romantic relationship, you experience mistrust towards your boyfriend/girlfriend. It takes a long time to trust again, and your boyfriend/girlfriend will have to be patient and sensitive. You should certainly tell them about your problem, and if you are unsure whether you can trust them with the information, you should be patient and take the relationship very slowly until you feel you can share. Guard your heart and be very wise and cautious in having a relationship; the last thing you need is more hurt.

There was once a story about a little girl who had been sexually abused. I do not know if it was an allegorical story, or if it actually happened. Jesus came to the little girl in her room at night, over several nights. He healed her by His presence, speaking the words she needed to hear. Even though you may not be privileged enough to have encountered the gentle presence of the Lord so soon after your affliction, He can meet you where you are now, and bring His healing to you.

God’s Words of Encouragement

It is especially wonderful if you sense that God has communicated personally with you in some way. Perhaps you think of a word in your mind, and the Holy Spirit explains what God means by this. For example, perhaps you love watching tennis, and an image of the world famous Wimbledon tennis courts flashes up in your minds eye. This makes you think of your dream of sitting at the court side and watching famous players, in good company and with plenty of strawberries.

God has spoken to you in encouragement – He loves you enough that He would like to give you this sort of experience to make you happy. This might not mean that your dream will be fulfilled literally, but you are reminded of God’s love and support for you. You know that He is very close, and that He loves you and can work things out for you; for better times.

If you examine the Bible carefully, there are many instances of God speaking to His people in different ways (for example, Acts 8:29). We do need to be careful that we are hearing God, and not our own voice or the enemy’s voice, which seeks to confuse us. It takes time, common sense and wisdom to learn how to hear God speak to you.






        If you have had an abortion, you have damaged yourself and ended the life of your child. Not everyone would agree that abortion is this serious and many who have had abortions may not feel any significant guilt. It can be very hard to face the guilt that comes when someone who has had an abortion faces up to what they have done. Abortion may seem to some like the best option in a difficult situation. Personally, the only case of abortion that I think I may be sympathetic to (and I am not absolutely sure even in these cases), would be in the case of rape (which is apparently very rare), or possibly in the event of serious medical complications or problems for the child or mother.

God forgives any sinner who is sorry for their sin. If you have been involved in abortion in any way, either by aborting your child or encouraging someone else to, I would encourage you to repent of this. God’s forgiveness is powerful and effective (1John 1:9). It may take some time to feel this forgiveness and to experience the restoration and healing that you need, but it will come in time. Please do get help from others and deal with this matter



Contacts and Links


Rape/ Sexual Abuse, other Abuse - adult survivors of child sex abuse. - sexual abuse, addiction, mental health.

UK Helplines

Victim Support Line (UK, for all crimes). Tel. - 0845 30 30 900.

Rape and Abuse line (UK, for women and men). Tel. - 0808 800 0123.

[Women’s Aid Domestic Violence Help line, UK. Tel. - 08457 023468.]



(UK) “CARE for Life” - counselling services - Freephone Tel. 0800 028 2228 - It is currently open from 10-3pm five days a week, offering men and women the opportunity to talk confidentially and find out their nearest crisis pregnancy centre. Contact: CARE for Life, 1 Winton Square, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 8EN. Tel: 01256 477300. Fax: 01256 477301. E-mail:




Christian encouragement healing

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