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Christians & Unemployment

        Christian help for: the unemployed and unemployment, those without work and needing emotional support, those made redundant, the long-term jobless.

“The Lord saves those who are crushed in Spirit.”

Psalm 34:18


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     Most adults experience unemployment at some stage in their lives. Unemployment causes two major problems. One of these is financial - you need a job for money in order to survive. The other is self-respect focussed. Many who do not have a job and do want one, can loose focus in life, and can lack a sense of purpose.


Finding Work

      It is well known that there are several major factors which relate to people’s likelihood of finding work. These include age, geographical location, the rate of unemployment and personal work skills and experience. If some or all of these factors are against you, then it can be very hard to find work. Currently the UK and the US have low unemployment rates for recent times, but this is no comfort to those who are unemployed. If you are finding it hard to get work, of course do your best to get any advice that you need from official advice centres and job centres. If you are being too restrictive, widen your imagination about what jobs you are going to apply for.

Working for yourself

        Have you ever thought about setting up your own business? At the start of our comments, I want to warn readers to be very careful in this area. It is easy to get what seems to be a great business idea, and spend months of hard work and good money, to then see the idea get no where. You need to get advice from people you can trust, and be wise and humble about your chances of success in running your own business. This is not to discourage you; many do succeed. However, generally it may be much better to get a job and develop your ideas in your spare time, getting together the money and the research necessary to give the idea a chance. Please click here to get to the Business section of the site, which has got more information on setting up in business, and links to sources of help with this.

Knowing the truth about God and Yourself

       Assuming that you have a relationship with God, I encourage you to pray and bring your worries and concerns to The Lord. God can bring a sense of peace and hope, helping you to trust him no matter what happens. How ever other people see you, or might look down on you for being unemployed, the truth is that God loves you (John 3:16). He would love and value you no more if you were working at this time - his love is unconditional. Try to cultivate a greater understanding of how much God loves you, and cares about your situation. Allow this knowledge to become experience, as you reach out in faith and in prayer, and sense and see God with you in your life.




Links and Contacts - US based ministry, providing practical and emotional support.

Citizens Advice (UK) - Please search for a local contact point. This site may also include contacts for specific help for work-related problems. - a theological reflection about unemployment.

PECAN - - Christian based charity working in London UK, providing a creative and inspirational model for helping the unemployed back to work.

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Christian encouragement healing

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