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“Even though I walk through the darkest valley...I will not fear, for you are with me, and you comfort me.”

Using Psalm 23:4

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Illness, Healing & Faith

The Bible is full of accounts of healing, particularly in the Gospels. There is no doubt for the Christian that God can heal, and hopefully there is no doubt that He can still do this today. In the Bible, Jesus often said to those who came to Him: “Your faith has healed you” (e.g. Luke 8:48). He required people to have faith. You need to recognise that Jesus is able to heal.

        I do have to say that sometimes it does not seem quite as straight forward as merely having faith - dare I say this. Excuse me if I offend anyone with this angle, but sometimes, even a lot of the time, God seems to allow us to suffer. If we are faithful, and have prayed, we have to trust God that He knows what He is doing, if He leaves us unhealed. Having said this, I acknowledge and want the kind of faith with which big-name healers are anointed (and other gifted Christians also); those Christians who go to large meetings, placing hands on many people and seeing hundreds and thousands of miracle physical healings.

        Perhaps I am saying that there are in a sense two levels. One is that God can and may heal in a certain situation, but you are not certain whether He will, based on your experience that not everyone is healed. It is possible that you may have a lot of faith that healing will occur and it still doesn’t happen. Also, of course, there might only be a little faith present, yet the person does get healed! Perhaps all that we can conclude from this is that God is sovereign; we cannot fully understand Him. The other level is one of certainty where there is such a strong level of the Holy Spirit present that those praying know healing will occur.

         I also believe that God can bring miracle healing to those who have hearts bound up with hurt. Although emotional healing such as this is often gradual, the Spirit can come in power and bring total, or a great amount of restoration, at one time. I pray that this site would be part of such miracle healings, wherever we have the opportunity to encourage people.

Have Mercy on me, O God (Psalm 57:1)

        I am not being very conclusive in this article. This is because I feel that this whole area is very difficult to understand, and to form conclusions on. Do what you can with the faith that you have in your situation. Put God first in your life; being in right relationship with Him is the most important thing. Do pray for people who are ill - or get prayer yourself if you are ill, and don’t lose hope. What we can say is “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck.” (Psalm 69:1). It is clear that God’s presence is there with us, no matter what happens in our lives. Jesus said, “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). Illness is a reality in our fallen and darkened world. We live in the tension that exists between this fallen world and where we are being led to - Heaven. Pray to God and use the comfort of His Word to encourage you. Try to let your relationship with Him be your focus.

Wise Shepherds

       Pastors need to be wise and sensitive when pastoring and ministering to those who are ill. It is terrible if you are made to feel like it is your fault if you have not been healed, “because you did not have enough faith”. I remember when an elder effectively told me this once. Of course, conversely, pastors should encourage faith, but I hope you get my point.




Accident and Disability


       Accidents can cause serious injury, and sometimes permanent disability. Whether you or someone you know has been affected in a way like this, the fact is that it is a hard knock to take. As well as the reality of the suffering and frustration that any disability causes, you are also faced with how you see your faith in the light of what has happened. Perhaps someone you know has died form an accident and you have to deal with the loss of this. Perhaps you have had an accident, and the disability as a result of this is so serious that you would have rather died than be in the position that you are in now. Alternatively, you may have always been disabled, or you could have become disabled as a result of an illness.

        Whatever situation you are in, and I acknowledge that some are incredibly hard to accept, God can meet you in some way in it. Do your best to be open to Him, asking Him to lead you through what is a dark and scary place. You will also need to ask Him to help you to accept your situation and for His help to be able to see some meaning in it. This is what you need to begin to bring to the times when you think through things yourself. Anger and a sense on injustice are often prevailing emotions that are obviously understandable.





       We all have to die sometime, but with God we have hope when we face death. If you are a Christian, and you know this with certainty (and you can if you are faithful to Him and believe in Jesus as your saviour, see our “What we believe” page here for a basic explanation if you are in any doubt), then you have eternal hope and peace, no matter what happens to you. Even if you are not healed from your illness, and your life, it seems, will be cut short, God is in control. He can be trusted.

        It makes me feel strange to remember Luke 8:50, where even when someone was dead, Jesus healed them. For me this is ultimate proof that God is in control and that He is able to do what He wants with our lives. We are, in one sense, pawns. However, beyond this seemingly negative image, we are also active, and can be used for His purposes. We are not God, so we must recognise that our freedom lies in trusting in Him, and in co-operating with what is His perfect will, even when this is hard to feel comfortable with. Be open to God and seek to witness to others and to serve Him in your situation.

Fear Of Death

        Fear of death is natural, even with our faith. We do not fully know or understand the absolute nature of what will happen to us when we die, even though we believe that God will look after us. There are people who go through such a terrible time at certain points in their life, that at those times, they would rather be dead, if given a choice. If you do want to live despite suffering, to me it proves that God is good and that there is something worth living for. However, in the end - we all die anyway, and as we have knowledge of the truth, we know that as long as we do live, it is only worth living for Him. Of course, there are material and experiential things in life that we enjoy and that God has given us. For example, relationships, pleasure, music and other fun things that we enjoy or appreciate.

Defining Tragedy

        We need to put the sufferings and joys of this world in perspective, developing peace and trust in God whatever experiences befall us. If you are dying of cancer, try to not see this as “tragic”. If death does occur, in one sense it is tragic. To leave behind suffering family and friends seems to be senseless - a waste without any purpose. However, God is able to repay us for our faithfulness and obedience to Him, as He promises in His word (for example, Revelation 22:12). He is also able to comfort everyone who suffers, whatever the circumstance.

        I like to believe (and I think I am being Biblical!), that if we die, there are no pleasures or experiences that we missed out on on earth, that we will not be able to enjoy (even if this is in a different experiential sense), in Heaven. We cannot lose God as long as we hold on to Him, and if we fade from this life, He will revive us. As the Word says, “The flowers fade, and the grasses wither, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.” The Bible also promises us new resurrection bodies (1 Corinthians 15:35-58). We have real hope after death.

Facing Death

         You may have gone through much or most of your life without knowing God. Alternatively, you may feel that you have been a long-standing but  ineffectual servant of God. Because of God’s Grace, you do not need to die with regrets, fear or guilt. God is forgiving. Furthermore, God is capable of using one person more in five minutes than others are used during their whole lives. If you are open to God and are proactively serving Him (for example, sharing the Gospel with others), you are doing all that you can and should do, and with faith, you do not have to carry any regret.

         So, if you are facing death, make the most of your last times. Use your time and money (if you have any!) wisely, and allow yourself to be used by God. Make sure you are right with Him and share your faith with others - bringing them to know Him. Things like this can bring meaning out of what otherwise seems a meaningless waste. Ultimately, we must trust God with this issue of meaning. Life might not always make sense, but God Himself does and relationship with Him also does. Many people die before they are even born - those who are aborted or who die in the womb before birth. This does not mean that they are any less valued by God. It does not mean that their lives are without meaning.

          We have to trust in God; that He is in control. Being ill, and having the possibility of death hanging over you, is seriously traumatic. No one can deny this. At Walking-Wounded.Net, we mean it when we say that we care about your situation. We hope and pray that you are able to somehow find God’s peace. May you find the friend that Jesus is in the midst of the storm that you are in.

          If you are not a Christian, and are facing death, we feel that you cannot have the same hope and confidence that Christians can have. If you are dying and you do not know Jesus, why not check Him out now and see if there is any truth to Christianity, while you still can. Surely it is wiser to do this now than to take a risk and just see what happens when you die. What if it’s true - and you die and end up going to hell? Please go to the “What we believe” page. For more information and links about knowing Jesus just click

       If you (or a friend or relative) are facing death, then we hope that you can get good support and help from friends and from your church. We also hope that this site will serve to encourage you in some way. There are some links below that may be useful in getting further encouragement.






Web Links - about pain and illness. - help and encouragement for those with illness or disability - about praying when ill. - “burning pain, aching pain, shooting pain, swelling, limited mobility, hyper-sensitivity to slightest touch, withdrawing from commotion, short term memory loss, depression, living on a tight rope between doing too much, causing pain, and doing too little, causing pain - these and many more are symptoms of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome”. - information and resources.





Christian encouragement healing

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