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         Christian hope and help for: those with a feeling of inner emptiness or pain, the emotionally hurt or crushed, the broken hearted, those needing inner healing, emotional healing or the healing of memories. Also those struggling with the problem of anger, those needing to forgive others, those needing freedom from the negative affects that anger causes.

        Also those with mental problems, mental disorders, eating disorders and addictions such as: depression, anorexia, bulimia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, bipolar disorder, nervous breakdown, obsessive thoughts. Also those troubled in mind, suffering from demonisation, the demonised or demon possessed and those who are afflicted or influenced in mind by evil spirits or evil thoughts.




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“He reached down and took hold of me...he drew me out of deep waters.”

Psalm 18:16

Need a Healer?


        This area of the site looks at Depression and emotional Hurt. Depression can come in different levels of severity, and represents a serious psychological illness. However you feel; depressed, emotionally hurt, mentally confused, spiritually harassed, or a mixture of all of these, we hope you find some encouragement and help in these pages.

        Please use the links above to browse this area. Whatever the cause of your problem actually is, we have some confidence that you can find help. Please bear in mind that the causes of the types of problems we are looking at here can be multi-tiered and complex. Please do have an open mind, and look through all of the sections of this area if you can. It takes time, reflection and wisdom to work out how we can be helped, and where we should turn to.


Christian encouragement healing

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