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Important Safety Warning


        We must warn visitors that they should always be aware of certain dangers about using chat rooms, e-mail groups newsgroups and forums. It is particularly important that you are careful about not revealing your personal identity, address details or e-mail address to others. The people you talk and correspond with through services like these could be anyone - there is no guarantee that they are telling the truth about their age, sex or attitude to life. You should also be aware that people in chat rooms may be rude or hurtful towards you, sometimes out of the blue. You need to guard your heart and build up cyber friends over time - people who, you have learned, you seem to be able to trust. Internet friends can be very helpful to our lives, but remember that they cannot replace the dimension of friendship and support that we can know from interacting with people in person.

         Some Internet friendships do lead to people meeting, but even more so this should be approached with real caution. If you do ever meet an Internet friend, always arrange a public place to meet, such as meeting at a church service. Also make sure that you are with a friend for the first few meetings, and let other people know where you will all be. Any true Internet friend will understand your need to protect yourself. We cannot stress safety issues enough. We have heard enough true horror stories to know that real caution is necessary. One site visitor has explained to us how she actually married an Internet contact, who then proceeded to rob her and completely abandon her.


Follow the Rules

        You should be aware that different chat rooms and newsgroups have different rules. For example, a chat room might have a rule ?no discussion of Christian denominations?, so that arguments about denominations are avoided. Please follow the rules; you can always find another room, for example a general Christian room, where you can discuss what you want. Often in the case of chat rooms you type ?.rules? to see the rules of the room. If in doubt, ask!


General Christian Fellowship/Encouragement

Chat - Christian chat, especially for problems - e.g. pain and depression.,






Specific Areas of Need



Chat - - Christian chat, especially for problems - e.g. pain and depression.





Terminal or Serious Illness

Chat - - about pain and illness. - chronic illness/pain newsletter.




Christian encouragement healing

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